Death of the Law Firm Website Home Page: Exaggerated or True?

The death of anything, it seems, is greatly exaggerated. Newspapers? Judging from street corners, they still exist.

In this episode of the Kennedy-Mighell Report, Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell discuss some points raised by Kevin O’Keefe after a study from Great Jakes on the state of law firm website home pages.

Tom argues the way people are looking for lawyers is evolving more slowly than how we look for news and sports scores. He poses a question, or perhaps a challenge: what do stats on who is using search engines versus who is using social media to find lawyers, say? He also likens the law firm home page to the household front door: point of entry for the good stuff inside. Dennis argues people are coming in through the back doors, windows and cracks these days, not just the front door.

All of this poses the question: How should lawyers be improving traffic INTO their websites? Easy answer: social media. Is that it?

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