Coming soon: “Alternative Fees for Business Lawyers and Their Clients”

The ABA Law Practice Division is delighted to announce the July publication of Alternative Fees for Business Lawyers and Their Clients

The use of alternative fee arrangements by lawyers and the demand for those arrangements by clients is increasing. How are you and your law firm addressing this threat to the billable hour? Are you prepared to recognize that value is not measured in one-tenth-of-an-hour increments? Alternative Fees for Business Lawyers and Their Clients addresses how large firm, small firm, and solo lawyers can implement and evaluate alternative fee arrangements in transactional matters. This essential guide also provides real case studies of business lawyers and firms successfully using alternative fee arrangements to deliver value to both the clients and the lawyers. This book will help you:

  • Understand how clients perceive value
  • Effectively price legal services in business matters
  • Build a billing method for business and transactional work
  • Develop a transaction plan
  • Successfully communicate with clients
  • Use technology to set fees and create budgets
  • Implement alternative fee arrangements in a business practice
  • Evaluate which alternative fee model is best for your firm
  • Understand the ethics concerns of alternative fees

To pre-order a copy of Alternative Fees for Business Lawyers and Their Clients today, visit the ABA Webstore.

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