Using your Calendars to Increase Efficiency

Other than your email account for work, how many other email accounts do you have?

Take a minute and list them. Your work account, your non-work account for family and friends, perhaps another email account for listservs, another for newsletters you found interesting or collected for ideas for your own. Maybe even one reserved for sites like Reddit or Quora. Surprised?

It’s easy to create a new email account with most free services, like Yahoo and Gmail. Using the calendar functions for network events, court dates, kids’ soccer games and family visits and vacations to is also easy. Keeping track of all of them can be challenging, however.

  • Pre-trial memo on your Firm Central calendar
  • Settlement Conference on your Yahoo calendar
  • Meeting with a prospective client on your calendar
  • Pick up your in-laws from the airport on your Gmail calendar

Having client meetings, court dates and family events spread across calendars creates unnecessary chaos, making you feel overwhelmed trying to manage a growing practice with family and free time. It also makes it harder to manage your time, and create the space you need to recharge.

With Firm Central’s new functionality that lets you view all your Firm Central Events on any third-party calendar, chaos is eliminated. All you have to do is copy and paste the URL to your third-party calendar of choice.

So no matter what calendar app you use, wherever you are, you can easily keep tabs on your practice, and your life.

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