Panel Presentation Pointers, and Something about Food

Last time, Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell gave you some typical, and atypical presentation tips.

That was for those who present solo. This is for the panelists. You know, those presentations where there’s a long table on the stage with 2-4 people sitting, waiting to speak on a topic. As an audience member, you’re curious but pause before sitting down. One boring presentation is bad enough, but three?

Imagine how the panelists feel!

No fear (or KNOW fear?), Dennis and Tom have some pointers to help you prepare for a panel, coordinate with your other panelists and manage time so your audience comes away with useful information. Hosting a conference and debating about having panels, or wondering how to put them together? They review advantages and disadvantages, and there’s tips, too, on having an engaging format instead of the standard format.

Oh, and you’ll want to hear the end of the podcast for Parting Shots because, well, it’s about food.

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