Law Practice Related Goals For Hangouts

Now that you’ve learned how Legally Speaking got started, and the learning curve of Google+ Hangouts on Air, you’re asking yourself: what law practice goals are there for Hangouts on Air?

The hope, of course, is that our potential clients will eventually find our Hangouts on Air, via YouTube, and then call either myself for Florida or Georgia personal injury cases, or Stephan Futeral for his practice areas of criminal, family and personal injury in South Carolina. We hope to also help our guests get more exposure, both on G+ and on later YouTube searches. We have no idea whether that has happened yet. I have not had any prospective clients mention the hangouts.  So, for now, we are both assuming that we have a new time-consuming hobby, which may or may not eventually matter in terms of client development.

The Usefulness Of Hangouts Limited Only By Your Imagination

On the upside, I believe hangouts have increased our visibility to both lawyers and non-lawyers on Google Plus, which general visibility also may or may not ever actually matter to Google (SEO experts seem to disagree on that point). I also have become so comfortable with the hangout format that I have my first attorney-client consultation scheduled this week using private hangouts, which are live but not recorded, and only broadcast to those who receive an invitation. So there are definitely many benefits to G+ hangouts, beyond those afforded by hangouts on air.

Dipping Your Foot Into The Hangout Water, For Lawyers

If you have never even thought about Google Plus, I highly recommend that you spend a few hours learning the platform. Following active attorney users for a few weeks will teach you the ropes by osmosis. G+ can be a tad confusing at first. But all of the features of the platform are so far superior to other social media that I think anyone not exploring G+ is seriously missing what might be a golden opportunity.

Learning To Hangout

If you want to learn more about hangouts specifically, you could start by either watching one of the many available hangouts on air, mostly conducted by non-lawyers, as a live audience member. You can find them by searching on Google Plus or looking down my profile page to see our previous show links.

Participating first as an audience member, as I did, gives you the ability to comment and ask questions, which the show hosts and guests will sometimes answer live, as well as meeting new “friends” in the form of fellow audience members. Additionally, nothing will bite you if you play around with the hangout feature privately, with a family member or friend. Once you get the hang of Hangouts, you may find yourself with a seriously time-draining new hobby, at which point we can hangout live and commiserate.

If you would like to appear as a guest and have a show idea that you think would interest both lawyers and non-lawyers, please contact me on G+ or give me a call.

Happy Plussing!

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About Tina Willis

Just after graduating from Florida State University College of Law second in her class (in 1995), Tina Willis worked for a couple of large Atlanta defense firms, and within a couple of years moved onto teaching federal Civil Procedure at Barry University College of Law. She eventually began writing motions and appeals for other attorneys, which she continued for nearly 15 years. She now operates a boutique personal injury firm serving both Florida and Georgia clients, from her office in Orlando, and prides herself on providing her clients highly personalized service with the goal of fully maximizing their settlements or verdicts. She also continues to draft motions and appeals for other personal injury attorneys and their clients. In her spare time, Tina creates her own websites, including and She has also been called a Google Plus “ninja,” and has amassed over 9500 followers in the 7 or 8 months that she has been active on the platform. Together with Stephan Futeral, she hosts a live “hangout on air” called Legally Speaking, which is a live YouTube / Google Plus show, sponsored by Rocket Matter (and open to other sponsors), featuring either panels of lawyers discussing interesting legal issues, or non-lawyers discussing topics of interest to lawyers, such as lawyer marketing.

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