Your New Source for Legal Technology

Many legal professionals face the same challenges when it comes to technology: a certain piece of technology is failing or the firm is outdated in a specific area. What’s worse than your technology failing you? Getting lost in a bunch of vendor websites, or sifting through message boards and listserv archives, trying to figure out what purchases will benefit your firm the most. These issues wouldn’t seem as inconvenient if there was one centralized place to turn.

Now (finally), you have a solution: the brand new ABA Legal Technology Buyer’s Guide. This easy-to-use online directory contains various product categories so you can see what types of technology are out there. Already know what you are looking for? Try the search feature to find a specific product or company. You can also browse white papers, videos, checklists, and detailed product descriptions to get a good idea of which options may best fit your firm.

The Buyer’s Guide has something for every lawyer, regardless of firm size or practice area, and is constantly growing with new products and services. It even provides key contact information for each company so you can connect with a vendor quickly and directly.

From starting your search to making the smart investment, the Buyer’s Guide can assist you every step of the way.

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