Quick Hits Friday: Security! Security!

The “Heartbleed” bug has caught everyone’s attention, and turned it to security.

Mashable has a good article with a chart on affected sites, and where they stand in terms of patching the security hole. Over on Lifehacker, there is an important note about checking not just if the patch has been deployed, but if the companies have revoked and reissued security certificates.

Good time to remember the comment to Rule 1.1:

[8] To maintain the requisite knowledge and skill, a lawyer should keep abreast of changes in the law and its practice, including the benefits and risks associated with relevant technology

Once you’ve checked that your file cabinets lock, office doors lock and that alarm systems and smoke detectors work, check your law firm technology security, too.

Vivian Manning offers six basic security tips that are good reminders, along with how to avoid being the weakest security link, including

regular security training and refresher training, along with clear, written, enforced, signed security policies.

Just starting out? New to the whole security thing? No worries. Adam Carlson has your covered with a “getting started” post. He covers such things as:

  • Taking advantage of existing prioritization resources
  • Tailored approach to risks associated with your specific practice area
  • Leveraging peer resources
  • Get the ball rolling sooner rather than later

For a quick primer on all things Internet, security and sanity, check out the Vox card deck: Everything you need to know about the Internet.

If you want a more geeky explanation of the “heartbleed” bug, check this piece from The Register UK, complete with code snippets.

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