Practical Law and Firm Central: Growing and Managing your Practice

You start out making most of your money doing corporate law, have set up your law firm and practice management software around corporate law and have things running smoothly. A corporate client comes to you with an intellectual property issue, and asks for your advice. You don’t know much about intellectual property, but the client has given you steady business. What to do?

The simple answer is to call around to friends who are intellectual property lawyers, or know good intellectual property lawyers, and refer your client. But intellectual property has been an area you have wanted to explore as more corporate clients are asking questions about it. Perhaps it is a way to expand your practice, and provide additional value to your current clients.

With Firm Central, bringing yourself up to speed on intellectual property, or other areas of law unfamiliar to you, is simplified through its integration with Practical Law. Through Practical Law, you can find standard documents and clauses, checklists and practice notes which are created and maintained by attorney-editors. Those documents easily link to Firm Central, providing one-click reference the next time you need it.

Practical Law offers expert guidance and resources for a range of practice areas, including state-specific content for many of these areas. Practical Law can help you:

  • Get up to speed faster in a new practice area
  • Respond more quickly to client requests and questions
  • Grow your business by keeping more of it in-house

By utilizing Firm Central’s integration with Practical Law, you can better direct the growth of your practice by quickly getting up to speed on unfamiliar practice areas. Combined with its other functions and integrations, including Time and Billing, WestlawNext®, Westlaw® Doc and Form Builder, Custom Forms, Drafting Assistant and Microsoft® Outlook®, Windows Explorer, the tools necessary to effectively manage and grow your practice remain at your fingertips.

Firm Central is the cloud-based legal practice management tool designed for the way you practice. It connects drafting, matters, contacts, calendars, and legal research in one place.

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