Wunderlist: List-Making in the Digital Age

With many thanks to our managing partner, Michael Bogdanow, my most recent technological discovery is the wonder of Wunderlist.  He and I have now both completely eschewed the “task” list on Microsoft Outlook for this easy-to-use, simple and highly rated application.

Wunderlist is, as the name clearly states, a list-making application. You can organize your to-dos as you see fit, simply and easily from your smartphone or other mobile device. It is easy to create an item, delete an item and track various items. If I were to create a “task” in Outlook, I would have to either flag an email, or go into my calendar and create a new entry, a cumbersome and time-consuming approach. Wunderlist streamlines all of this.

Let’s take a look at the app:


You add an item by typing it in to the gray box at the top. When you have completed a task, you touch the box next to the item on the left-hand side. This list here is entitled “Wishlist” but you can make as many headings as you like. You can see those here:


If you are working on a deadline, you also have the option of adding a due date to your task, which will then show up under “Today” or “This Week” depending on the date you provide. Wunderlist sends you an email one week before the due date on a particular task.  When I chose to look at my due dates for the week, this is what appeared:


Wunderlist is just downright easy to use; there is virtually no learning curve. It’s also incredibly convenient. You can open it on your browser or put the app on all of your mobile devices. Your lists sync via the cloud.

Wunderlist offers a number of different packages, beginning with WunderlistPro at $4.99/month. The Pro package offers unlimited “sub-tasks,” file sharing and the ability to assign to-dos to different people. In the business setting, being able to see in real time which tasks on a project have been complete, and by who, is very appealing and valuable.

Wunderlist offers other business packages for all types of enterprises (freelancer, startup or large company). Starting at $24.99/month for 5 users, this upgrade provides yet further functionality and support for large, complex projects. Wunderlist will reduce unnecessary emails and updates on a project, and increase transparency. It will reduce repetitive work and make project management simpler and clearer.

For the personal user, your to-dos, both personal and professional, are handy, easy to read (no messy handwriting or unwieldy sticky notes) and seamlessly updated. Kudos to the folks at Wunderlist for providing a solution to such a simple, but ubiquitous, problem. For all the listmakers and task masters out there, this app is for you.

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