How to Measure Return on Litigation Technology

You invest in litigation technology with the premise that it will enable greater profitability in the end.  But how do you know whether it does?

Mick Lavelle, Senior Director of small law firm Inside Sales and Account Management at Thomson Reuters, explains how to weigh the results of your investment in technology. In Tracking ROI: The Bottom Line on Technology Solutions for Small Law Firms, he walks through more than one way to measure the value of litigation software.

Lavelle focuses his tracking on two specific types of technology, for which Thomson Reuters has conducted research into actual time impact:

  • Case analysis/case management: software that organizes case files, facts and exhibits, allows searching even across image or PDF files, and even surfaces important facts that can impact case strategy.
  • Litigation drafting: software that installs into a word processor, and enables you to research, access case files, cite authority and more.

While the benefits of case analysis/case management software, and litigation software, may seem obvious, Lavelle provides a comparison break down of time spent performing tasks, such as building a table of authority or copying text from a document in word processing or presentation software, without technology, and time saved performing the same tasks using technology.

The differences are striking.

Download the free article to delve into value of litigation technology.

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