Winter Survival Kit for Lawyers

Winter. Whether you love it or hate it, you have to admit that digging your car out of the snow as part of your morning routine is not ideal. Living with these conditions day in and day out may lead you to consider alternative ways of getting work done, avoiding the outdoors – and office – altogether. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just roll out of bed to the kitchen, grab a hot coffee, and work productively from your couch? You can, and here’s how.

Join us and Clio on Wednesday, February 26th from 2:00p.m. to 2:30p.m. ET for Winter Survival Kit for Lawyers and learn how to be productive at home, and prepare yourself and your clients for when bad weather strikes or courts declare snow days.

About the Free Webinar:
Winter Survival Kit for Lawyers
Wednesday, February 26, 2014
2:00pm – 2:30pm ET
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In just 30 minutes, learn how to:

  • Identify the tools that will help you be productive when working remotely
  • Prepare your clients for when bad weather strikes
  • Be ready for when courts close unexpectedly

This webinar is sponsored by Clio.


Please note: this is a non-CLE program.

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