Coming soon: “Internet Legal Research on a Budget”

The ABA Law Practice Division is delighted to announce the forthcoming publication of Internet Legal Research on a Budget: Free and Low-Cost Resources for Lawyers (coming in spring 2014). Pre-order your copy today with a 15% discount!

With cost-conscious clients scrutinizing legal bills, lawyers cannot afford to depend on expensive legal research databases, especially when reliable free resources are available. Internet Legal Research on a Budget: Free and Low-Cost Resources for Lawyers will help you quickly find the best free or low-cost resources online and use them for your research needs. The authors share the top websites, apps, blogs, Twitter feeds, and crowdsourced resources that will save you time, money, and frustration during the legal research progress. This book will help you locate and use:

  • Legal portals and directories (government, academic, and commercial)
  • Case law databases (government and commercial)
  • Casemaker and Fastcase
  • Cite-checking cases
  • Dockets
  • Federal Statutory research
  • Federal, legislative, and congressional materials
  • Starting points for state, local, territorial, and tribal law
  • Practice area research using websites, blogs, Twitter, and more
  • Background information about attorneys, judges, and legal professionals
  • Foreign, international, and comparative law resources

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