New Year, New Resolutions: Accomplish Your Tasks with Wunderlist

As a list-lover, I’ve tested a number of productivity applications with and without success.  Most recently, I began using an excellent app called Wunderlist.  Recently, the developer, 6Wunderkinder, a Berlin-based startup company with offices in China, India, and Israel, received $19 million dollars in Series B funding to expand to the United States and enhance the app.  Since its inception in 2010, six million people and 50,000 businesses are now using Wunderlist.  This year, Wunderlist received recognition in Apple’s “Best of 2013” in the category of Smart Productivity.  After recently adding a premium version, the next phases of growth include development of Wunderlist 3 and integration with other services through the launch of an API.  With the company’s focus on Wunderlist, this is an app to watch.

In a nutshell, Wunderlist is a simple yet highly functional and aesthetic to-do list app.  For Get Things Done (GTD) fanatics, this is a great app for you.  Wunderlist works with multiple operating systems and mobile platforms, including Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android, and has an Internet interface.  The app uses a responsive design to optimize viewing on different devices.

Let’s take a look at the app.

The app opens up to two panels (unless you are using a smartphone, which shows only one panel at a time, with the ability to slide open the other panel).  The panel on the left-hand side shows all your lists, including “Today”, “Week”, and “Completed” Smart Lists (in preferences, you have the option of showing or hiding lists).  The panel on the right-hand side shows your specific tasks.  In the first screenshot below, my Wunderlist is set to the default wood pane background (other options are available) and is open to “Inbox”, where I can quickly add a task to sort into a particular list at a later time.  My “Starred” list, show in the second screenshot, is where I prioritize tasks, and thus includes those items I intend to work on or complete today.  By navigating to my “Today” or “Week” Smart List, I’ll find items that I’ve set with a due date of today or this week.




When creating a particular task, you have options to include traditional features such as a Due Date, Reminder, and Notes.  Tasks also include project management features, such as the ability to add sub-tasks, attach files, and provide comments for collaboration (as represented in the screenshot below).


A practicing attorney might use tasks as demonstrated in the screenshot below.


In addition to the aforementioned app features, here are a few extras that I think are worthy of mention:

  • Sync:  Wunderlist syncs in the cloud, making your lists available on all your devices.
  • Notifications:  You can set reminders to email notifications or push notifications.
  • Sharing:  You can share lists via email and with others that use Wunderlist (enabling collaboration).
  • Mail to Wunderlist:  Forward an email directly to and it will arrive in your Wunderlist Inbox with the subject of the email appearing as the task heading and the body of the email in the note section.

For more information and guidance on using Wunderlist, including its premium features, take a look at some of the videos by the 6Wunderkinder team on their Wunderlist YouTube Channel.

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