ABA TECHREPORT 2013: Budgeting and Planning for Technology

The American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Resource Center has launched the ABA TECHREPORT 2013. This comprehensive publication is a compilation of 10 articles analyzing lawyers’ use of the latest technology.

Each of the 10 articles is written by a legal technology expert using relevant data from the 2013 Legal Technology Survey Report. Some of the topics covered include mobile, cloud computing, hardware, social media, litigation, training, security and research and budgets.

The LTRC has opened “Technology as an Investment: Budgeting and Planning” to non-ABA members for a limited time only while members can access all the articles for free using their ABA login. Read the full article now!

More about the ABA TECHREPORT 2013:

With the changes to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct recommended by the ABA’s Ethics 20/20 Commission, lawyers are strongly encouraged to remain updated on technological developments in order to meet their basic obligation of competence under MRPC 1.1. ABA TECHREPORT serves as a prime resource to help lawyers meet this obligation.

Click here for a simple overview of ABA TECHREPORT 2013, including a summary of each article.

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