Holiday Travel Link Roundup

Ah, tis the season of holiday travels. Whether you are looking to detach or stay connected, these blog posts have some great tips for being on the road, covering everything from security to efficiency.

    • Downtime Efficiency
      Use these tips to maximize your downtime when you’re on-the-go to reduce the pile up of “to dos” back at the office.
    • Yes I AM Ignoring You
      When you take a few days off, you’re bound to return to a full inbox of unread emails. What you can do to reduce some of this clogging is utilize Outlook’s “Ignore” feature to automatically delete those irrelevant emails and useless replies.
    • Keeping Your Mobile Devices Charged
      Whether you’re using your mobile devices for fun or work, no one wants to see the battery icon turn red. Here are some tips to keep your mobile devices charged up longer.
    • Summer Vacation Technology
      Although summer is quite obviously over, the technology tips provided in this episode of The Kennedy-Mighell Report are still relevant to winter holidays.
    • Practical Encryption: Files on the Go
      Even over the holidays, you may have to take some files home with you. Make sure they are secure while you’re traveling using practical encryption.

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