Case Management for Mac Attorneys: Learn Daylite

Running a Mac in a law office has not always been easy.  But, with the increase of Mac and iOS use in the law office, attorneys are demanding Mac and iOS compatible and dedicated products.  Fortunately, cloud providers are now building products that can be used with PC or Mac, and other providers are dedicating their products solely for Mac users. One of those companies is Marketcircle, the maker of Daylite and Billings Pro.  Rather than stand-alone programs (like those used with a PC), Daylite, a case management platform, and its accompanying time and billing program, Billings Pro, integrate directly into Mac’s operating system (and work with iOS mobile devices).  This reduces the learning curve and makes running the program on your Mac a seamless venture.

Many Mac attorneys swear by Daylite.  Just take a look at the Macs in the Law Office Google Group (MILO) and you will find a plethora of threads on the topic of using Daylite.  Indeed, there is even a Google Group dedicated to using Daylite in the law office.  These resources are particularly helpful because Daylite is not a legal-specific product.  It is used by a number of different industries including real estate, consulting, and financial services.  To help attorneys set up and use Daylite more efficiently, Marketcircle recently launched legal-specific templates.  These preset files can be imported into a new or existing database and provide customized settings for law firms.

To take further advantage of Daylite’s customizations and robust set of features, Marketcircle has partnered with independent Apple consultants and resellers around the world to provide support services and training to Daylite and Billings Pro users.  One such partner, Learn Daylite, a company founded by Jani Mitanovski of Macfanatic and Tim Stringer of Technically Simple, has demonstrated interest in helping the legal community.

Attentive to attorneys’ needs, Tim and Jani monitor the MILO and DayliteLawOffice Google Groups, often responding to user questions and concerns.  Their company, Learn Daylite, provides tutorialslive and interactive courses and webinars, an informational blog, and private consulting and training.  For new Daylite users or those considering the program, Learn Daylite has offered a free intro to Daylite webinar (a recording of last month’s can be found here), as well as a two-part course specifically designed for new users and a more intermediate/advanced course for users to get even more out of the software.


Due to demand, Learn Daylite is actively exploring development of a Daylite for Law online course.  For more information on that course offering and others, join the Learn Daylite mailing list and check them out on Twitter.


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