Will Your Clients Demand a Technology Audit?

On the latest episode of The Digital Edge podcast, Sharon Nelson, Esq. and Jim Calloway talk to Andy Perlman of Suffolk Law School about the rising trend of technology audits for lawyers.  The audits, popularized by D. Casey Flaherty,  measure how efficiently lawyers are using technology and determine how much time (and clients’ money) they could be saving. Suffolk University is partnering with Flaherty to enhance and automate the audit. Tune in to hear more about the audit, the partnership with Suffolk, how to get involved, and more.

Andy Perlman is a Suffolk Law School professor and the director of the University’s Institute of Law Practice Technology Innovation. Perlman was the co-chief reporter for the ABA Commission of Ethics 20/20, which successfully implemented changes to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct and related ABA policies to address ethical issues from globalization and technological developments. He also contributes to the blog Legal Ethics Forum.

The Digital Edge is produced by Legal Talk Network.

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