Video: Technology-Assisted Review: What You Need to Know

Technology-assisted review (TAR) can drastically simplify the searching and reviewing of electronic documents. In this webinar from the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center, sponsored by Catalyst, learn about TAR and when you should use it, discover what courts are saying about using TAR and understand how different goals for document review guide your choice of technology and workflow.


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For 15 years, Catalyst has been a pioneer in delivering secure, cloud-based software that helps corporations and their law firms take control of e-discovery, compliance and regulatory matters. Learn more about this powerfully simple technology and explore Catalyst’s tools to help you make it happen for your organization. Use the free ROI calculator to see how much you might save in dollars and hours, over linear review.

Here is a link to the Richmond Journal of Law and Technology study mentioned in the video.

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As the Marketing Assistant for ABA's Legal Technology Resource Center, Rose (@rosefrommelt) raises awareness of the LTRC's resources, organizes its monthly webinar series and is the face behind the Center's growing social media presence. Rose is originally from St. Louis and is a graduate of Loyola University Chicago.

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