Introducing the ABA Law Practice Division

The business of practicing law is pivotal in the legal profession, now more than ever. In order to better provide for its members and be a more prominent entity within the American Bar Association, the section you have previously known as the Law Practice Management Section (LPM) is proud to announce its new identity as the ABA Law Practice Division (abbreviated as Law Practice or simply LP). By becoming a Division, LP will be able to better serve ABA members in the core areas of technology, marketing, management, and finance, while still exploring additional relevant issues.

Although LP has a new name, its mission remains the same:

“Helping lawyers practice law effectively and successfully
while maintaining the highest standards of the profession.”

Whether you are seeking greater success as a lawyer, growth from previous successes or expansion of your law practice, LP is here to assist you with your professional goals. A membership with LP will grant you access to meetings, professional networking opportunities, CLE programs, book discounts, magazines, and much more. Join LP during this exciting transition to take advantage of everything this growing division has to offer.


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