Independent Thinking: Small Law Firms Find Their Niche in Hosted Software

Are you still debating a move to “the cloud?” Thomson Reuters has released a free practice management article—the first in their Independent Thinking thought leadership series—that defines cloud technology, and lays out specific reasons why hosted software (a.k.a. Software as a Service/SaaS) has certain inherent benefits to solo and small law firms.

In the article Getting Ahead in the Cloud:  Why Small Law Firms Find Their Niche in Hosted Cloud Software, the small law business within Thomson Reuters leverages the company’s unique national view of the legal market, noticing attributes that make each small law firm unique and matches them against the attributes and benefits of private hosted cloud technology. A few examples:

  • Little distinction between ‘working hours’ and ‘off-hours’
    …solved by a tool that lets you work from home, a ballgame, a mid-day luncheon or a midnight brainstorm
  • ‘Big data’ and electronic information that is increasingly voluminous and critical to manage and interpret
    …solved by litigation-specific tools that scale up or down to fit the size of a case
  • Rapidly shifting local and federal statutes, regulations and agency guidelines
    …solved by exceptionally high security standards, described in detail

Download Getting Ahead in the Cloud:  Why Small Law Firms Find Their Niche in Hosted Cloud Software free to learn more about cloud computing for a solo and small practice.

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