Hidden Twitter Tricks

If you’ve been using Twitter for a while, you probably think you have it down. You keep your tweets short and sweet, incorporate a hashtag here and there, keep it interesting and a bit mysterious if there is a link or picture attached—nailed it.

Your tweets are probably doing the job, but maybe it is time to challenge yourself to use Twitter even more efficiently. This article from Mashable lists 14 tips for getting the absolute most out of this network.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Use the “Activity Feed” found under the “Discover” tab to view interactions between people you follow on Twitter beyond just your home stream. Click Discover > News Feed. As Mashable states, this is a great feature for finding new content and users to follow.

  • View Verified Users’ Replies. If a Twitter user has a blue checkmark on their profile, this means they are verified. This also means that when you go to their page, their replies and mentions don’t show up right away. In order to view all of their interactions, click “All” above their tweet stream.

  • Get organized with the List feature. You can make a list for news, technology, friends, law firms, etc. Maybe during your lunch break you’re only interested in catching up on what’s been going on in the world instead of where your friends are eating – make a “News” list and click on that to review only what is relevant. Go to Me > Lists in order to get started. You are also able to subscribe to others’ lists. Please note that when you add a user to a list, they will be notified – so try to avoid list names such as “Enemies,” (unless you mark them “Private.”)

  • Use Advanced Search to search exact phrases, tweets, specific accounts, and more to weed out irrelevant results from Twitter’s general search feature.

  • Tailor the Trends you see based on your specific location, interests, or people you follow. Look at the bottom left of your home screen and click “Change” at the top of the trends box.

Check out Mashable’s original article for more helpful tips.

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