Coming Soon: “LinkedIn in One Hour for Lawyers, Second Edition”

One of the ABA’s bestselling books has been fully updated and revised for our readers and members. Coming in October, LinkedIn in One Hour for Lawyers, Second Edition, reflects significant changes to LinkedIn’s layout and functionality made in the past year. In just one hour, this book will help you:

  • Set up a LinkedIn account
  • Create a robust, dynamic profile—and take advantage of new multimedia options
  • Build your connections
  • Get up to speed on new features such as Endorsements, Influencers, Contacts, and Channels
  • Enhance your Company Page with new functionality
  • Use search tools to enhance your network
  • Monitor your network with ease
  • Optimize your settings for privacy concerns
  • Use LinkedIn effectively in the hiring process
  • Develop a LinkedIn strategy to grow your legal network

Pre-order your copy of LinkedIn in One Hour for Lawyers, Second Edition today and receive a 15% discount off the list price!

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