Young Lawyers Survival Guide (Part II): Law Practice Today, August 2013

The American Bar Association’s Law Practice Management Section provides a monthly webzine, Law Practice Today, covering the latest topics in law practice management. August’s edition focuses on young lawyers, discussing topics such as business development, going green, marketing, and non-traditional work experiences.

Here are some highlights from this issue:

  • “iCan Help”
    “In the super-competitive legal job market, how can a young attorney stand out and increase the chances of landing a good job? Take advantage of what you likely know better than your older colleagues – technology and how to best put it to use for your prospective employer.”
  •  Seven Things Young Lawyers Need to Know About Marketing
    “Of course it’s important to get involved in your firm’s marketing and business development programs. But make sure your personal brand doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. These suggestions will help you promote yourself—and your professional home.”
  • How New Lawyers Can Make a (Not Too Big) Online Splash
    “So, you’re a new lawyer at your firm, looking for a way to stand out. Fertile ground is at your fingertips—online.”

Read Part I of Young Lawyer Survival Guide from Law Practice Today’s March issue.


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