The New and Much Improved Facebook Page Insights

If you have a Facebook page for your law firm, you may have noticed the option to try out Facebook’s new page insights. Although the insights feature was always available, the improved version provides much more information and data. So, what’s new?

External Referrers

Under the “Page Visits” tab, you will see a section titled “External Referrers.” This part is extremely beneficial to see how Facebook users are arriving at your page. If they are coming from your website, perhaps those little social media icons are doing their job. If the majority are getting to your page from Twitter, schedule some additional tweets encouraging your followers to like you on Facebook as well, or simply link tweets to Facebook statuses. This is a great resource to evaluate which sites are drawing attention and may even spark new ideas for other places to promote your page.

Post Details

Facebook’s new insights also allow you to view analytics for a specific post under the “post details” option. This feature shares how many people saw this post, how many clicks each part of the post received (picture, link, etc.) and even includes negative feedback such as how many people hid or reported the post to spam, which is just as (if not more) beneficial than reviewing positive reactions.

When Your Fans Are Online

One extremely helpful addition to the new insights is a tab titled “When Your Fans Are Online,” at the very top bar under the “Posts” tabs next to “Overview | Page.” Fairly self-explanatory, this feature allows you to see which times of each day your fans (the Facebook users who “like” your page) are most active/how many fans are active on your page at any given time. If you were lost before on what was the best time to post status updates, you can now get a much better idea of when you might reach the most people. The day by day breakdown is extremely helpful – the only question is why this wasn’t included earlier!

Additional Features

You will also find additional helpful tabs such as “Best Post Types” (guess which ones are the highest!), more information about the demographic you are reaching including age, gender, and geography, post reach, page visits, and much more. I would recommend exploring the insights for yourself to get a feel for it and maneuver around the tabs you think would be most informational and helpful for your law firm.

Use It!

However you use this insights feature is up to you, just make sure to use it! You can push as much information out into the social media world as you would like, but it’s important to take a step back and review how you’re posts are actually doing and assuring yourself that people are first of all receiving your messages and secondly, are interested in them.

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