Free Analytics Feature on Twitter

If you’ve been looking for more insight on your Twitter presence, you will be pleased to know that Twitter has now opened its analytics dashboard to some Twitter handles, free of charge. As this article from Mashable describes, Twitter now allows free access to a comprehensive analytics dashboard to a handful of Twitter users. This feature offers a simple yet comprehensive overview of the number of favorites, retweets and replies received from each post. In addition to showing how many follows, unfollows and mentions you received on any given day, it also offers a graph of the number of followers and a breakdown of their demographics including interests, location, gender, and who else they follow.

To see if you can access this feature, go to your drop-down menu on the right side of your Twitter homepage and click on “Twitter Ads.” You might have to sign in again. When you’re on this page, click on “Analytics” at the top of the page and choose either “Timeline activity” or “Followers” and you’re there!

NOTE: Twitter has made no specific announcement about this feature being public to all but has admitted to “experimenting” with features. As Mashable’s article claims, this feature may not have been made available to everyone and may also soon disappear completely. Try it out while (if) you can! It might not be a bad idea to download the reports while you can so you can have at least some official reference to your Twitter insights later on. Could this be a permanent feature for all in the future? Something to look out for at least!

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