Coming soon: “Lessons in Leadership: Essential Skills for Lawyers” by Thomas C. Grella

LPM is excited to be publishing Tom Grella’s latest book, Lessons in Leadership: Essential Skills for Lawyers, later this month. Pre-order your copy now for a 15% discount!

All too often, the difference between a successful and unsuccessful law firm is the quality of its leadership. Exemplary leaders have the power to motivate attorneys and staff to serve clients, collaborate, and innovate to the best of their ability. In times of trouble, ineffective leadership can drive a firm to ruin. Lessons in Leadership: Essential Skills for Lawyers will be required reading for any attorney–from newly hired associates to seasoned managing partners–seeking to develop their leadership skills. Through a series of practical lessons, veteran law firm leader Tom Grella draws from his own experiences and applies time-tested leadership principles to lawyers and law firms. This book will help you:

  • Understand your unique leadership style
  • Avoid common pitfalls of law firm leaders
  • Find a mentor or coach
  • Develop trust, confidence, and influence
  • Learn about emerging trends in leadership
  • Build your time management and communication skills
  • Learn to appropriately lead clients in their decision making


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