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iPad Basics: Navigation Tips and Settings

If you’re new to the world of iPad, here are some tips on navigating around your new device. If you’re a seasoned iPad user, it never hurts to have a refresher.  Maybe you’ll even learn something new!  Most of these tips work on your iPhone also.

  • Add Apps and Folders to the iPad’s dock.  Out of the box, the iPad features four apps on the always-visible bar at the bottom of every screen, a.k.a. the “Dock.”  You can have up to six apps in the Dock, or you can add folders containing multiple apps.  Put your most-used apps here.
  • pu-ipad1Launch Apps from the Spotlight Search Screen.  This screen (accessed by swiping to the right from the first home screen) can be used to search not only Notes, E-mail, and Calendar Appointments – you can also search for an app and tap to launch it. (This works on an iPhone also.)
  • pu-ipad2Double-tap Spacebar to Add a Period and a Space.  You can quickly add a period and a space to the end of a sentence by double tapping the spacebar.  You can turn this option off in the Settings menu if you prefer.  (This also works on an iPhone.)
  • Use the Side Switch to Lock Rotation.  The side switch on the right side of the iPad (above the volume rocker) can be used to mute the sound OR to lock the rotation of the screen.  To set this up, go to Settings > General > Use Side Switch to > Lock Rotation.
  • Undo Typing.  Many people aren’t aware that there is an “undo” option for the iPad.  When you want to undo your most recent typing, you simply (and carefully!) shake the iPad back and forth.  A small window will appear allowing you to undo your most recent typing. (Try it on your iPhone also.)
  • Take a screenshot.  You can take a screenshot of your iPad by simply holding down the Home button (front-center of device) and the Wake/Sleep button (top of the device) at the same time.  You’ll see the screen flash once and the image will be saved in your iPad’s photo app. (This works on your iPhone too!)


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