iOS 7: Overview of New Features

Apple recently announced the features of the new iOS 7 operating system. As is true with most software updates, it aims to make the things you do every day “even easier, faster, and more enjoyable.” Here is an overview of some of the new features:

  • Control Center: allowing for quick access to the controls and apps you need right away such as Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, brightness, Do Not Disturb, camera, calculator, and music, available with a simple swipe.

  • Notification Center: accessed the same way as iOS 6 by simply swiping down from the top of your screen, allowing you to view any missed or ignored notifications received throughout the day such as mail, texts, alarms, and reminders. There is, however, a new feature called “Today” providing a summary of the day including birthdays, weather, traffic, etc.

  • Multitasking: iOS 7 offers “smarter” multitasking by learning when you use your apps and is able to update your content before you launch them. For example, if you check Facebook every morning promptly at 9:00am, iOS 7 will catch on to this schedule and ensure your mini feed is updated before you even click the icon. In other words, multitasking in iOS 7 “knows what you want to do before you do.”

  • AirDrop: AirDrop for iOS allows you to easily transfer files to someone within a close vicinity to you using Wi-Fi without any additional setup.

  • Safari: a simply better, cleaner look designed for more visible content on the screen. Click the “Shared Links” option to easily see the URLs that have been shared in your Twitter stream as well as who posted them.

  • iTunes Radio: iTunes has launched its own free radio stream for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC, and Apple TV allowing you to build new stations of your own based off a song or artist (similar to Pandora).
  • Siri: the iOS 7 version of Siri is supposedly able to answer questions faster, return calls, play voicemails, search Twitter, be easier to understand and also has a male voice option. Additionally, the new Siri offers a new interface that fades on top of whatever was on your screen when you requested his/her services.

  • App Store: a new feature, Apps Near Me, suggests popular apps relevant to your current location. iOS 7 also automatically updates your apps for you so you never have to see the red notification that, if you’re like me, sometimes reaches overwhelming numbers.

  • Find My iPhone: sometimes not even Find My iPhone can help you find your iPhone, but at least the iOS 7 version makes it harder for anyone who isn’t you to sell or use your device. Turning Find My iPhone off or erasing the device requires your personal login info and can continue to display your chosen “this iPhone is lost” message even after the device is erased.

  • iOS in the Car: if your vehicle is equipped with iOS in the Car, your iPhone 5 can connect directly to your dashboard and make calls, access music, get directions and more using Siri Eyes Free or the car’s built-in display.

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