Professional Development Issue: Law Practice Today, May 2013

The American Bar Association’s Law Practice Management section provides a monthly webzine, Law Practice Today, covering the latest topics in law practice management. May’s edition focuses on professional development and provides many helpful articles with tips and guidance on how to improve your work. Here are some highlights from this issue:

  • Ethics Imperative to Business Development Learning
    “Professional development and marketing programs intersect in many ways—none more vital than in ethics compliance. From websites and social media ratings and rankings, the ethical implications of marketing activities are varied and complex. Ensure your professional development program isn’t forgetting the ethics component of marketing.”
  • Development-Focused Work Assignment Systems: Why Your Firm Should Have One and a Few Tips for Getting Started
    “The traditional ways of assigning work to associates generally are fine for keeping associates busy–but don’t necessarily have much impact on the crucial skill-building and advancement of your next generation of talent. A model that focuses work assignments on associate development needs will pay great dividends for your firm. Here are some tips to get started.”
  • Group Coaching: An Innovative Approach to Supporting Lawyers’ Professional Development
    “Law firms are increasingly turning to coaching as a tool to get maximum performance from their lawyers. One way to get the most benefit from your firm’s coaching dollars is a group coaching approach, which offers benefits beyond just the individuals being coached.”



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