Law Schools Teaching Law Practice Technology

On the eLawyering Blog, Richard Granat has posted 13 Top Law Schools Teaching Law Practice Technology, an excellent starting point for learning what law schools are teaching students today about law practice technology.

The list is part of an effort the ABA’s eLawyering Task Force is making to identify the law schools offering courses on the “intersection of internet technologies and the practice of law.” It’s also in part an effort to honor the memory of the late Gary Munneke, who advocated for many years that law schools offer classes in this subject.

The initial list has thirteen law schools (BYU, Chicago Kent, Columbia, Georgetown, Indiana, Michigan State, NYU, Northern Kentucky, Miami, Stanford, Suffolk, Pacific and Vermont). There are more details in the post.

I can think of a few other law schools that might also meet the criteria and I hope that they (and others) take advantage of the self-nomination process. This list could be helpful to both students looking for these kinds of courses and employers looking for lawyers who have taken these kinds of courses.

Be sure to take a look at this worthy effort that should prove helpful to the entire legal community.

Dennis Kennedy

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