Disaster Prep: Law Practice Today April 2013

The American Bar Association’s Law Practice Management section provides a monthly webzine called Law Practice Today. The topic of discussion for April’s edition, “Disaster Prep,” provides helpful insight on how to work toward preventing and preparing for a disaster before it strikes. Here is a peek at what this issue has to offer:

  • Preparing for a Disaster: Data Backup and Beyond
    “The worst time to find out that your data backup plan is insufficient is after a disaster. Follow this five-step process to get started on a better plan for preparing for a disaster or other emergency that impacts your business continuity.”
  • The Cyber Challenge Facing the Legal Profession
    “Cyber crime is on the rise worldwide, and law firms increasingly are the targets of information thieves. Few firms, however, are well-prepared to prevent or defend against the ongoing wave of cyber criminals.”
  • Beware of Benign Indifference
    “Losing business often is the result of neglecting the personal touches rather than making a mistake or doing poor work. Learn these signs of taking a client relationship for granted.”


About Rose Frommelt

Rose Frommelt
As the Marketing Assistant for ABA's Legal Technology Resource Center, Rose (@rosefrommelt) raises awareness of the LTRC's resources, organizes its monthly webinar series and is the face behind the Center's growing social media presence. Rose is originally from St. Louis and is a graduate of Loyola University Chicago.

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