Quick Tip: Connecting on Twitter

Social media has significantly adapted the way we communicate. For this reason, it is increasingly important for your law firm to not only have a social media presence, but to actually use it. One beneficial yet simple way to encourage two-way communication on Twitter is through the Follow Friday hashtag (#FF). Follow Friday is a great way to give a shout out to the people that either re-tweeted or followed you in the past week. If interaction is somewhat lacking one week, #FF could be used for an exclusive mention to someone in particular you think your followers should also follow. For example:

  • #FF @itweettoday @tweeps @twitterhandle Thanks for following, have a great weekend!
  • Follow @_lovetotweet_ for informative articles on social media management for law firms #FF

#FF is a beneficial practice, but there is so much more to learn about social media management. Register for our free webinar: “How to Make Social Media Work for Your Law Firm,” Wed. 3/13 at 2pm ET for more tips and best practices.


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