Putting Your iPad to Work at ABA TECHSHOW 2013

When tablets like Apple’s iPad first hit the market, they were widely perceived as “toys” — devices for playing games, watching movies, or reading books. But as they’ve exploded in popularity, professionals of all types have begun relying on them as day-to-day productivity tools.

Lawyers are no exception. Attend a legal conference or hang out at the courthouse and you’ll see iPads being used for everything from simple note taking to sophisticated trial presentations.

If you own a tablet already or are considering taking the plunge, ABA TECHSHOW 2013 offers a number of great legal technology education sessions to help you learn how you can use the device as more tool than toy.

For litigators, one can’t-miss session: The Tablet Litigator.

Join our experts in exploring the many uses of Tablets and iPads in the Courtroom. Learn how these devices can help you win your case by gathering information, presenting or rebutting evidence, and using them from opening to closing in a typical litigation case. This discussion will include the presentation of evidence, using “at your touch” legal research and accessing remotely stored documents.

Other tablet-related sessions include:

  • Tablet Wars 2013
  • The 4×4 Challenge: Top Apps for Every Platform
  • Mobile Collaboration
  • Batten Down the Hatches: Mobile Security for Lawyers
  • iOS in Action
  • Windows 8 Show & Tell
  • Android by Example

On top of the educational opportunities, you’ll also have an opportunity to see many of the latest legal-specific apps in action at the EXPO where more than 100 legal technology vendors will be exhibiting.

ABA TECHSHOW 2013 takes place April 4-6, 2013 in Chicago.  If you haven’t registered, be sure to do so by the March 11th early bird deadline to save up to $200 on your registration.

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