Coming Soon: “iPad in One Hour for Litigators” by Tom Mighell

LPM is thrilled to be publishing iPad in One Hour for Litigators in February. Order your copy today with a 15% pre-publication discount!

More and more lawyers are choosing to take their iPads to trial—with amazing results. Bestselling ABA author and iPad expert Tom Mighell’s latest book, iPad in One Hour for Litigators, will help you transform your iPad into a powerful tool in the courtroom, at mediation, and beyond. This essential guide discusses all the steps of trying a case with an iPad, from pretrial docketing and legal research to depositions and evidence presentation.

In just one hour, you will learn how to:

  • Calendar trial deadlines
  • Store and review documents and exhibits
  • Take, read, and annotate depositions
  • Conduct legal research outside of the office
  • Discover the best accessories and apps to use in the courtroom
  • Select the best jury for your client’s needs
  • Present evidence digitally with ease

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