Quick Tip: Simplify Your Scheduling

Scheduling a meeting in the email era can be a nightmare.  The scenario is all too familiar: a meeting organizer suggests a date and time and each attendee responds with a different, typically conflicting, alternative.  That process then repeats itself, often several times, before the group can find a date and time that works for everyone.

But what technology complicates, it can also simplify.  A variety of free, easy-to-use tools are available to help you schedule meetings painlessly.  With these tools, the organizer usually sends out an invitation to a group asking them to mark their availability on an online calendar.  The organizer can then look at the entire group’s availability in one central location and choose a time when everyone is available.

Here are three of the more popular meeting planning tools currently available:


* UPDATE: In a blog post on 9/18, Tungle announced that they would be closing their meeting planning service in December 2012.

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