Millions of Apple UDIDs Reportedly Stolen

Reports are circulating today that the hacktivist group Antisec has obtained more than 12 million Apple UDIDs by compromising an FBI-owned laptop.  UDIDs are unique identifiers embedded in each Apple device, including iPhones and iPads.

As proof of their claim, the group released a file containing 1,000,000 UDIDs.  The group claims that the full data set includes not just UDIDs but information that would typically be associated with the devices, such as names, addresses, cell phone numbers, and more.

Want to see if your device was among those listed?  You can look up your UDID in iTunes (just follow these simple directions), or you can download any one of a number of free UDID lookup apps in the iOS App Store.  Once you have your UDID, plug it into the search tool hosted by The Next Web.

If your number is on the list, there isn’t much you can do now.  Unlike a compromised password, a UDID cannot be changed.  Instead, you should monitor tech news to see if additional UDID’s (and related information) are released, and as always, keep an eye on your various accounts (online and off) for signs of identity theft.

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