Quick Tip: Enable iPhone LED Flash Alerts

Whether you have difficulty hearing, work in a particularly noisy office, or simply have a habit of forgetting to turn your ringer back on after meetings, it can be be helpful to have your smartphone provide a clear visual cue that you have an incoming call or alert.  For those with iPhones, one easy solution is to set the device’s LED flash to blink as an alert.

To turn on the flashing alerts, open your iPhone’s Settings app, select General settings and then Accessibility.  Near the bottom of the Accessibility settings, you’ll see an option to enable “LED Flash for Alerts.”  With that feature enabled, the LED Flash on the back of your iPhone will blink each time you receive a phone call, text, or other alert–even if the phone is on mute.

Thanks to Reid Trautz for sharing this excellent tip at ABA Annual Meeting last week.

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