New Tech Book Roundup: iPad, Twitter, and Facebook in One Hour

Now that beach-reading season is coming to a close, it’s time to start thinking about reading material that will positively impact your law practice. LPM Publishing is working on three technology books that we’re very excited about:

iPad in One Hour for Lawyers, Second Edition (now available) is a fully revised and updated version of the ABA best-selling book that has helped thousands of attorneys get more out of their iPad. This acclaimed book presents the essentials so you don’t get bogged down in technical jargon and extraneous features and apps.

Facebook in One Hour for Lawyers (coming in late August; pre-order now for 15% off) will show any attorney—from Facebook novices to advanced users—how to use this powerful tool for both professional and personal purposes. With a few simple steps, lawyers can harness Facebook to market their services, grow their practices, and expand their legal network—all by using the same methods they already use to communicate with friends and family.

Twitter in One Hour for Lawyers (coming in September; pre-order now for 15% off) will demystify one of the most important social-media platforms of our time and teach you to tweet like an expert. In just one hour, you will learn to create a Twitter account, read and write tweets, and gain followers.

Stay tuned for more news about LPM books that will educate you about new legal technology with a minimal time commitment!


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