Five Security Apps for Android

Android-based smartphones have found a loyal following among lawyers. Among smartphone-using respondents to the 2012 Legal Technology Survey Report, more than 18% reported using an Android smartphone.  That number rose to more than 30% among solo practitioners.

Android devices can be helpful practice tools, as we discussed a couple weeks ago with our post on Android apps for legal research.  But how do you secure your Android smartphone to be sure sensitive client data is well protected?

Here are five security-related apps to consider as you look to secure your smartphone:

App Protector Pro [App Lock]
This app serves as a privacy and security tool, allowing the user to lock specific apps.  Keep nosy thieves, friends and family out of apps that may contain sensitive data, like SMS, email, or the app store. Supports both passwords and pattern locks.
Price: $1.50

KeePass is a popular password safe for both the Mac and PC.  This Android implementation allows you to carry your passwords with you everywhere you go, thoroughly secured behind bank-grade encryption.  Pair this app with a syncing tool and you can use the same password database on all of your devices and computers.
Price: Free

Lookout Security & Antivirus
One of the most popular security apps for Android, Lookout includes antivirus, lost phone location, and backup in a single app.  Antivirus scans can be scheduled and/or run on all new apps that you download.  A Premium version of the App adds features like safe web browsing, remote lock & wipe, a privacy advisor for scanning apps, and a more robust backup tool.
Price: Free for basic, $29.99/year or $2.99/month for Premium

We carry around all kinds of sensitive data every day, much of insecure–a slip of paper in our wallet or bag with important account numbers, or plain text documents on a laptop and mobile device listing passwords.  Pocket allows you to securely store data, from passwords to frequent flier numbers to bank accounts, in one central location.  Includes strong encryption, a lockout timer, and automatic clipboard wiping.  Data can be backed-up securely to Dropbox.
Price: Free (ad supported), $1.99 (ad free)

SeekDroid AntiTheft & Security
It’s one of the most basic but essential security functions you can have: the ability to locate a lost device.  SeekDroid lets you locate your phone on a map, view a history of where it has been, force it to play an alarm, remotely wipe its contents, or even retrieve a call history. All of these features can be accessed from a single secure website.
Price: $2.99

Have a favorite Android security app? Share it in the comments.

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