Quick Tip: Refresh Your About Page

Whether you’re a solo practitioner or one of many lawyers at a larger firm, chances are good there’s an “About” page for you somewhere on the firm’s website. When’s the last time you took a good hard look at what’s written there?  If you’re like most lawyers, your profile includes a formulaic paragraph or two about your professional background, a studio-style headshot, and your contact information.  Is that the first impression you want a potential client to have of you? Is there anything on that page that’s going to make you more appealing than the lawyer a mile down the road?

To freshen up your profile:

  • Think about your ideal client, and gear your profile towards that person.  The profile for a mergers and acquisitions lawyer should look quite a bit different than the profile for a lawyer focused on family law.
  • Add links to social networking accounts, like Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Describe outside work that demonstrates your knowledge and personality, including articles you’ve written, interviews, or groups you’re active with.
  • Use a less formal photo. No, beach photos probably aren’t appropriate, but think about ditching the studio portrait for a more natural and relatable photo.
  • If you’re listing your direct email address, be sure you have a clear, plain-language disclaimer that unsolicited emails sent to that address will not be considered privileged or confidential.

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