Quick Tip: Focus Your Audience

It’s a common scenario: you’re leading an audience through your meticulously prepared slidedeck when you’re suddenly forced off script.  Maybe someone in the audience asked an interesting and complicated question, or perhaps you’ve realized that a particular point in your presentation requires elaboration.  Whatever the reason, it’s a moment when you need to shift the audience’s attention away from the screen and onto you.

With both PowerPoint and Apple’s Keynote, you can accomplish that task with a single keyboard tap.  The “B” key in either program will immediately switch the screen to a black screen, while the “W” key will switch to a white screen.  With nothing to see on the screen, the audience will refocus on you.  When you’re ready to resume, touching any key on the keyboard will return the presentation to where you left off.

If you tend to wander away from your computer during presentations, look for a presentation remote that includes a blank screen button.

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