Scanners for a Small Law Firm

Going truly “paperless” is a lofty goal many lawyers aspire to but few can achieve completely.  Paper invariably finds its way onto our desks, whether from clients, the courts or opposing counsel.  This influx of  paper can throw off our carefully arranged electronic filing strategies or leave gaping holes in our document management systems.  The solution: fast, high quality document scanners.

With a good sheet-fed scanner, the frustrating stacks of random paper can be converted into PDFs easily and quickly.  The printed letter you received from the client can then be neatly filed alongside the other electronic documents and correspondence related to the client or matter, minimizing the risk that an important document goes missing.

But what scanner is right for your practice?

Over at the Oregon Law Practice Management blog, Beverly Michaelis has shared her opinion on the best scanner for small law offices.  Her winner: the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500.  In addition to discussing some of the benefits of the ScanSnap, Beverly has great tips to help lawyers get the best deal when purchasing.

Law Practice has also featured a number of sheet-fed scanner reviews in recent years, all by Nerino Petro:


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