Quick Tip: E-Signatures Made Easy

Paperless is a big deal for lawyers today.  Properly implemented, a paperless office can save time, money, and a lot of headaches.  But paperless processes tend to breakdown when it comes time to apply the signature.  Suddenly, the document you’ve created, edited, shared and stored electronically has to be printed out just so you or your client can affix a traditional ink signature.

You can save the frustrations and keep your practice paperless by using e-signatures instead.  Mac users running the latest version of Mac OS X can add signatures using the built-in Preview tool, which will even allow you to use your computer’s built-in webcam to scan your signature.  You can also apply signatures via stamp in Adobe Acrobat (ABA member only video), or you can go a step further and use an online e-signature tool like DocuSign or RightSignature.

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