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Hidden Twitter Tricks


If you’ve been using Twitter for awhile, you probably think you have it down. You keep your tweets short and sweet, incorporate a hashtag here and there, keep it interesting and a bit mysterious if there is a link or picture attached – nailed it. Your tweets are probably doing the job, but maybe it is time to challenge yourself ...

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Social Media Management with Hootsuite


If you or your law firm supports multiple social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you may be wondering how to effectively manage all of these pages in one place. There are many options to choose from (see the bottom of this blog post), but my personal holy grail for social media management is Hootsuite. I am sure ...

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Cultivating Social Media Interaction


Your firm has decided to engage in social networking. You’ve set up accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and maybe even Google Plus or Pinterest. But nothing much seems to be happening: you’re not getting followers, and no one seems to be interacting with you or your posts and updates. Are you doing social networking wrong, or is it just not ...

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Free Analytics Feature on Twitter


If you’ve been looking for more insight on your Twitter presence, you will be pleased to know that Twitter has now opened its analytics dashboard to some Twitter handles, free of charge. As this article from Mashable describes, Twitter now allows free access to a comprehensive analytics dashboard to a handful of Twitter users. This feature offers a simple yet ...

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Twitter for the Young Lawyer


We’re happy to welcome this guest post from Victoria Santoro exploring how young lawyers can use Twitter. Victoria is a litigator with Meehan, Boyle, Black & Bogdanow, P.C. in Boston, MA. You can follow Victoria on Twitter @TheLimberLawyer. Twitter accounts, in large part, break into two camps. Fun and business. Jokes and brand-building. So, as a young lawyer, where exactly do you fit? You ...

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Is Social Media Worth It?


Years after Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn debuted, social media remains a hot topic of discussion for lawyers and legal professionals.  How should it be used? Which sites are best? How do you get started–or should you get started at all? We’re happy to welcome this guest post from Victoria Santoro exploring the value of social media. Victoria is a litigator ...

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Enhance Your Conference Experience with Twitter


A conference used to be something you’d simply sign up for, get a few good tips out of and then soon forget about. This is a way of the past. With the introduction of social media, conferences happen online almost as much as they do offline. Most conferences encourage the use of Twitter hashtags and mentioning Twitter handles to create ...

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Video: How to Make Social Media Work for Your Law Firm


Consumers today are constantly connected and expect the same from businesses. Social media can provide that connection by creating a direct stream of communication between clients and firms. Used appropriately, social media can expand business opportunities, garner strong relationships with clients and is even an opportunity to give your firm its own unique personality. Learn more about how your law ...

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