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What Virtual Law Firms Know That We Don’t


Discover what you can learn from virtual law firms in our latest Industry Insights webinar: “What Law Firms Know That We Don’t” The virtual law firm is an emerging, forward-looking business model for solo lawyers to multi-lawyer, multi-jurisdiction law firms. It works only if you have the right skill sets and ability to otherwise work effectively with clients along with ...

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E-Billing for Everyone: Tips & Trends


There continues to be tremendous growth in electronic billing done by law firms and it doesn’t show signs of slowing. In 2014, there were millions of e-bills submitted, representing billions in e-billing revenue. Unique client billing guidelines, on top of over 35 legal spending management vendors, has made electronic billing incredibly complex. It is one of the largest expenses and ...

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Tips for Selecting a Legal Management Solution


Market changes and challenges in recent years have shown that it is more important than ever to manage your firm more efficiently and productively. There is steeper competition, fewer dollars in the marketplace, and higher demands from clients for more communication and transparency. There is no more room for siloed information, inefficient processes, and work product that’s inconsistent. In this ...

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The Four Pillars of Smart Practice Management


Everything seems to be moving at a faster pace these days; business, commerce, and the practice of law are ALL getting faster. A lot faster. The average lawyer must be much more efficient in order to match this pace. This requires avoiding getting bogged down with administrative duties in order to switch the focus to more essential tasks. Join us on ...

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Preparing a Private Cloud Strategy: Free Webinar

private cloud

The pros, cons, and ethical concerns of cloud computing have been discussed repeatedly in the legal profession. For many firms, the pros outweigh the cons, and the choice to migrate to the cloud has been made. This decision, however, creates new questions and additional options. For example: which cloud type is the best fit—public, private, or hybrid? Recently, there has been a shift away ...

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Making A Case for the Cloud (Webinar)


Many lawyers and firms have gone back and forth about joining the cloud. There is a lot at stake when moving data to a digital platform, and no lawyer would make a decision without having all the facts. With all the information and rumors out there, how can you go about successfully creating a cloud strategy for your firm? Join us on ...

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