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Quick Hits Friday: Security Part Deux

Now that you’ve changed all your passwords, it’s time work on learning lessons from “Heartbleed.” Encryption, mobile security, and best security software from our 2014 Solo and Small Firm Legal Technology Guide.

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Lessons from Heartbleed

Fallout from the “Heartbleed” bug is enough to make normal people nervous, and make lawyers panic. Take a deep breath. We’ve got a round of up links and info to help you check your legal-related apps, and your sanity.

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Quick Hits Friday: Security! Security!

With the “Heartbleed” bug top of mind, time to check on the security of the rest of your law office technology.

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The Best Security Software of 2014

Adapted and excerpted from The 2014 Solo and Small Firm Legal Technology Guide, published by the ABA Law Practice Division. Security software provides an important line of defense against malware, including viruses, Trojan horses, worms, and other external forces. Even in a solo or small firm network, your client data is of the utmost importance […]

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Healthcare Industry Data Breaches

In the latest edition of Digital Detectives, hosts Sharon Nelson and John Simek invite Alan Goldberg to discuss the typical causes of a data breach, likely consequences, prevention, and more.  In particular, Goldberg highlighted was the colossal cost of data breaches. He explained that the minimum cost is $100,000 and it has the potential to amount to millions. Goldberg is a solo practitioner […]

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Holiday Travel Link Roundup

Ah, tis the season of holiday travels. Whether you are looking to detach or stay connected, these blog posts have some great tips for being on the road, covering everything from security to efficiency. Downtime Efficiency Use these tips to maximize your downtime when you’re on-the-go to reduce the pile up of “to dos” back […]

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Kennedy Mighell Podcast

Taking Advantage of LinkedIn’s New Interface

LinkedIn had a major interface overhaul in 2013. With so many changes to the graphics, connection management, and new ways for lawyers to take advantage of this important tool, the ABA just released a second edition of LinkedIn in One Hour for Lawyers. Authors Dennis Kennedy and Allison Shields monitored the developments and began conducting new […]

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Facebook Graph Search and Privacy

Facebook has been steadily making changes to privacy and security controls, including changes made to app permissions, untagging and removing photos, and adding privacy shortcuts in 2012. In March 2013, Facebook announced Graph Search. Facebook Graph Search is a Facebook specific search engine which allows you to search all of the things people have shared […]

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Practical Encryption: Emailing With Your Clients

Scenario:  You need to exchange sensitive documents with your client, but in the digital age, printing and mailing physical documents seems slow, expensive, and not exactly “green.” Typical Solution:  Virtually all lawyers rely on email as a primary communication tool, so when it comes time to send documents, they go right into email along with […]

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Practical Encryption: Backing Up Your Data

Scenario: Like most law firms, your data is growing day by day and you want to make sure you’re both (a) backing up that data, and (b) keeping the data secure. Typical Solution: While most lawyers have developed good habits regarding backup, the security of that backup file is rarely discussed or addressed.  Files are […]

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