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Physical Security: Quick Security Tip

When discussing cyber security, passwords, encryption, and many tech terms are mentioned. Just as important, however, is your physical security. Asking a complete stranger to watch your laptop for you at a coffee shop or not paying attention to who may be lurking around waiting for you to drop your mobile device are just as threatening (if not more) as ...

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You ARE the Weakest Link

Remember that turn of the century game show where weaker players were summarily dismissed from the game by a snarling game show host?  Wrong answer, off the game the player was ordered, as the weakest link – no second chance.  Only the strongest, most strategic players were left standing at the end to compete for the prize. When it comes ...

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Encryption: A Guide for Lawyers

Attorneys have an obligation to protect their client’s data from unauthorized access, and there are few methods of protection more effective than encryption. When communicating over the Internet on wired/wireless networks, or on multiple devices, you risk losing valuable information to unwanted guests. Not protecting your data is dangerous, and while encryption sounds complicated, it’s an easy solution that will ...

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Quick Tip: Use Automatic Screen Lock

With the profession changing rapidly, many lawyers find themselves practicing in non-traditional settings: from their homes, from shared office spaces, or from a client’s office just to name a few examples.  This change in setting can mean less control over who has physical access to your computer. One simple way to protect yourself is to enable automatic screen locking.  Once ...

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Security Outside of the Office

Technology used to be firmly anchored in the office: bulky desktop computers, closet-filling servers, fax machines, and so forth. But as laptops have surged in popularity, and new technology like smartphones and tablets have emerged, lawyers are increasingly carrying their technology–and their clients’ data–with them outsideof the office. So how can you secure your technology on the go? Here are a ...

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