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A Little Knowledge Goes a Long Way in Protecting Your Online Accounts

Hardly a day goes by without hearing about someone getting an online account “hacked.” Understanding how this type of “hacking” occurs in most situations will go a long way toward helping you protect your online accounts. Even though hacking or “cracking” is spoken of in magical or even mystical tones – computer wizards targeting you […]

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Password Fundamentals: Quick Security Tip

A secure password may not be as hard to remember or as difficult to come up with as you think. Watch this video for some tips on coming up with a memorable yet secure password for your important logins. This video is part of a 5 video series from the Legal Technology Resource Center discussing […]

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Kennedy Mighell Podcast

Pardon Our 100th Interruption

The Kennedy Mighell Report has reached a milestone: Episode 100! As part of the celebration your hosts will bring you today’s legal technology issues in the format of one of their favorite shows: ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption. Hear how technology can make your business more efficient, highlights from the ABA TECHSHOW, the future of technology […]

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You ARE the Weakest Link

Remember that turn of the century game show where weaker players were summarily dismissed from the game by a snarling game show host?  Wrong answer, off the game the player was ordered, as the weakest link – no second chance.  Only the strongest, most strategic players were left standing at the end to compete for […]

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Quick Tip: Use Automatic Screen Lock

With the profession changing rapidly, many lawyers find themselves practicing in non-traditional settings: from their homes, from shared office spaces, or from a client’s office just to name a few examples.  This change in setting can mean less control over who has physical access to your computer. One simple way to protect yourself is to […]

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This Week in Tech – August 10th

Rounding up some of the interesting technology news, tips and guides for the week of August 10th: Jim Calloway noted changes to MRPC1.1 which may turn all lawyers into legal technologists. An old Android virus dubbed Zues-in-the-mobile or Zitmo may now be targeting BlackBerry devices as well. How dramatic is the sales gap between the iPad […]

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Lessons from the Latest Dropbox Security Lapse

A few weeks ago, word circulated that some Dropbox users were being spammed, stoking fears that Dropbox had been compromised.  Dropbox brought in outside experts to investigate the issue, and yesterday they announced the results. According to the Dropbox blog, the root cause of the spam was actually the hacking of a different (and unmentioned) […]

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This Week in Tech – July 13th

Rounding up some of the interesting technology news, tips and guides for the week of July 13th: The 56th edition of the Digital Edge podcast was released, featuring Jim Calloway and Sharon Nelson discussing the future of law practice. On the Oregon Law Practice Management blog, Beverly Michaelis collected 30 tips on marketing, social media, […]

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This Week in Tech – June 22nd

Rounding up some of the interesting technology news, tips and guides for the week of June 22nd: How-To Geek offered a guide to generating a strong password with Mac OS X Lion without third-party utilities.  Drobo launched two new models of their RAID-like storage device, featuring faster connectivity and improved performance. Microsoft announced the Surface, a […]

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Possible LinkedIn Password Breach: Change Yours Now!

Technology blogs and news sites lit up this morning with news that millions of LinkedIn passwords had reportedly been leaked online.  According to The Verge: A user in a Russian forum is claiming to have hacked LinkedIn to the tune of almost 6.5 million account details. The user uploaded 6,458,020 hashed passwords, but no usernames. […]

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