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New Book Alert: “Paperless in One Hour for Lawyers”

Paper comes from all kinds of sources. Opposing counsel. Clients. Post office. Vendors. Pickup this book and learn how to transition to a paperless office.

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Kennedy Mighell Podcast

Demythologizing the Mythical Paperless Office

For many years, lawyers have chased after the holy grail of the paperless office. While the basic techniques and strategies have largely stayed the same and the technology and tools have gotten better, most lawyers and firms have not attained the elusive goal of a “paperless” office. Is the goal simply unachievable or is it just too hard […]

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It Ain’t Easy Being Green…Or Is It?

The amount of paperwork lawyers see on a daily basis would make any environmentalist weep for the future of our forests. I share in environmental concerns, I try to do my part to be green, but when it comes to the practice of law, I often feel like I don’t have much choice. I hear […]

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The Endurance and Evolution of Technology

A recent article, “Technological extinction, Only the digital dies,” in the January 26, 2013 issue of The Economist, got me thinking. The article started with the premise that “The ‘paperless office’ has earned a proud place on lists of technological promises that did not come to pass.” It concluded with the idea that “digital technologies […]

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Wrapping it Up: Making Your Client Reports Better

Every present received is “better” when it is nicely wrapped, and the same goes for reporting packages to clients, particularly in commercial transactions. Here are some tips you might wish to consider for presenting your reporting packages/closing books to your clients: 1. Create a Report Index Make a list of all the documents that were […]

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Video: Effortless Searchability

Learn about making documents from multiple disparate sources searchable via keywords and phrases in your legal practice management software.  This webinar, presented on November 7, 2012, focused on: Why document searchability is beneficial A brief overview of Infinite Innovation’s PDF Analyzer and Search Tool How one Portland law firm is using the technology This webinar […]

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Free Webinar: Effortless Searchability

Digital documents are abundant in modern law firms, from correspondence to evidence to forms libraries.  Navigating the maze of electronic files can mean a nightmare of inconsistent file names and indecipherable folder schemes. You can cut through many of those headaches by simply making sure your documents are searchable. In this free webinar, we’ll explore […]

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Manage the Transition to Paperless

Do you consider your law firm “paperless?” If not, understand the many benefits to working in a paperless office and how easy it is for lawyers to make the switch. Not only from a cost-savings perspective, a paperless office will save you time, encourage more efficient document management, and best of all – it’s a […]

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Video: Preparing for a Paperless Practice

The right digital strategy will reduce your operating expenses while making your documents safer and more accessible. This webinar, recorded in August 2012, provides an overview of the benefits of a paperless practice as well as practical considerations such as usability, security, remote access, and the legal document life cycle. The webinar was hosted by […]

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Preparing for a Paperless Practice (Free Webinar)

Much of the day-to-day work of law firms and legal departments, regardless of size or practice area, revolves around documents: creating them, sharing them, storing them, and locating them.  Traditional paper documents are cumbersome and frustrating to manage.  Aside from the costs associated with printing, shipping, and storing the documents, there’s also an enormous efficiency […]

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