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Collaboration Tips for Deposition/Motion Prep

Building a strong case is a team effort. Once attorneys receive produced documents from opposing counsel, they often need to cooperate with parties inside and outside the firm (i.e. paralegals, litigation support staff and witnesses) to review and annotate confidential material. This journey is littered with serious pitfalls. Miscommunication, different operating procedures and security breaches can all threaten the integrity ...

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Coming Soon: “Paperless in One Hour for Lawyers”

The ABA Law Practice Division is delighted to announce the forthcoming publication of Paperless in One Hour for Lawyers this spring. Pre-order your copy today at a 15% discount! The legal community is notorious for generating paper—and lots of it. But lawyers can save time and money by transitioning to a paperless office. Paperless in One Hour for Lawyers will ...

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When to Consider Document Management

Many firms are overwhelmed with documents. From thousands of Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, law firms use documents:  Lots of them. In these same firms, the subject of document management comes up frequently and many firms wonder when is the right time to consider a document management system. With so many documents to manage, most firms without a document management ...

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Them’s The (Email) Rules!

A couple of weeks ago our offices installed a brand-spanking new VoIP phone system.  I’ve been geeking out for the last little while, figuring out all the cool things we can do with the new system that we couldn’t do with the old one.  I love that I can log out of the phone at our desk, drive over to ...

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Clipboard: Pinterest for Productivity?

There’s a new web clipping and organization tool on the block: Clipboard.  According to the announcement on Clipboard’s blog, the service allows its users “to easily save parts of the web in order to accomplish meaningful goals.” The service might best be described as a cross between the popular social sharing site Pinterest and cloud-based notetaking/archiving tool Evernote.  Users create “boards” ...

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